A Truffle Plantation Management Company

"California is the first state in North America to produce commercial quantity of Black Winter Périgord (Tuber melanosporum)." 

Todd Spanier

Founder & CEO

Welcome to California Truffle Orchards LLC

Providing professional truffle orchard (truffière) management to California truffle farmers and supplying inoculated seedlings.

“We provide the keys to success in the farming of truffles.” 

“Their is no secret to growing truffles. To be successful at truffle cultivation requires commitment, expertise and patience!" 

Truffière Management

Our team of experienced professionals consists of Accredited Laboratories, Certified Mycologists and Arborists, Licensed Pest Exterminators, General Contractors, and Expert Dog Handlers with Highly Trained Truffle Dogs to Properly Detect the Truffles. We closely monitor the truffle orchards’ productivity and care for healthy growing of the truffle trees. Our advantage is that our main company King of Mushrooms has over twenty years of experience in the sales and distribution of truffles. We offer inoculated truffle trees from nursery suppliers with proven success. Then we work with independent laboratories for a examination of tree health, root colonization levels with desired truffle species, followed by DNA analysis to confirm the trees are free from contaminants such as Tuber brumale and Tuber indicum. Our nursery suppliers offer five prized truffle species (Black Winter Truffle - Tuber melanosporum Vittadini, Black Summer Truffle - Tuber aestivum Vittadini, Black Burgundy Truffles - Tuber uncinatum Montecchi & Borelli, Black Autumn Truffles - Tuber macrosporum Vittadini and Spring White Truffles - Tuber borchii Vittadini) Our goal for Autumn of 2018 is to offer the most prized truffle in the world (The Alba White - Tuber magnatum pico).   


– DNA Analysis
– Pest Assesment & Abatement 
– Soil & Plant Analysis  


– Soil & Land Preparation for Orchard Planting
– Irrigation System Installation
– Planting of Truffle Inoculated Trees
– Certified Arborist Pruning & Tree Services                                     
– Insect & Vertebrate Abatement
– Soil Cultivation & Weed Management
– Parasitic Microbial Control


– Relocation & Rehabilitation of Mature Truffle Trees
– Marketing Orchard Through Culinary Events
– Mature Truffle Tree Sales and Nurturing
– Truffle Dog Training Seminars
– Orchard Surveying with Highly Trained Truffle Dogs
– Truffle Harvesting, Cleaning and Grading
– Truffle Sales and Distribution

Annual Management

Please contact us to inquire about our truffle orchard management contracts. If you have a truffle orchard in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, we would be happy to discuss the viability of your present orchard. A nominal fee of $95 is required for submission of the consultation form. Once submitted and payment is received, a California Truffle Orchards LLC Consultant will contact you within 3 business days. If a Orchard Survey is deemed appropriate, your $95 consultation fee will be applied to the Truffle Orchard Management Contract.

California Truffle Orchards LLC devises an annual operation's budget. With the growers' acceptance and payment of our management contract, all consultation services are included but are not limited to: Site Review, Discussion of Orchard Layout Plans, Planting Recommendations, Tree Recommendations and Planting Instructions, Discussion of Genetic Root Analysis of Fungi test results, Discussion of Leaf & Soil Analysis test results, Discussion of Morphological Microscopy Analysis of Mycorrhizae, Orchard Installation Instructions, Cost Assessment of Orchard Installation, Orchard Management Instructions, Cost Assessment of Orchard Management, Truffle Harvest Advice, Pruning Instructions, Guidance on Rejuvenation of Preexisting Truffière. The inclusion of these consultation services are a must for successes an return on your investment, particularly for first time growers. It allows you to take less risk while gaining valuable insight into the truffle growing business.

Orchard Survey and/or Harvest Services

Our Core Values

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Chef Roger Mooky and Todd Spanier founder of California Truffle Orchards LLC. appeared together on the Food Channel with "MAN FIRE FOOD" to cook a Whole Truffle Pig in Calistoga at Castello di Amorosa.


February 17th 2017 California Truffle Orchards LLC contracted Umami Truffle Dogs LLC to discover and harvested the first farm raised Pèrigord truffles ever at Jackson Family Wine in Sonoma county!

Organic Solutions

The leading causes of truffle tree mortality for California truffle cultivators is due to gophers and squirrels which chew off the trunk of the tree from the roots, killing the tree. California Truffle Orchards (CTO) offers multi-fasted organic solutions to control these pests.

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